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Function and identification method of faucet's valve spool
- Jun 22, 2018 -

The function of valve spool:

The valve spool uses its movement to achieve basic functions of direction control, pressure control or flow control. All faucet switch control requires a valve spool, the quality of the valve spool is important to the evaluation of the quality of the faucet, it is the key to affect the quality of the faucet.

The identification method of faucet's valve spool:

1: turn on and off the tap handle, feel with your hands, there is no feeling of obstruction in the middle of switching up and down! (blocked means not good.)
2: make the switch to half and stop. And then srew to the end!There will be diffierent between the upper part with the lower part. (slightly more advanced cores can do this)
3: when the valve spool is turn to left and right (adjusting cold and heat)! (use the first method) then check hand feeling, the good valve spool is "empty feel",that means soft hand feeling!
4: use your forefinger,middle finger nipped gently to tap handle and gently moved up and down,the concept of the flexible is not loose, blocking feeling,check and confirm if there is oil damping hand feeling,such as flexible but not loose,no blocking hand feeling,then you can buy it!

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